• Learn to balance being alert and relaxed at the same time

  • Learn to access feelings of peacefulness and safety

  • Anchor yourself in the present moment

  • Improve emotional regulation

  • These are exactly the techniques I teach clients in my office in 1:1 psychotherapy

  • Three weeks, with videos to guide you through three techniques


  • Barbara Heffernan

    Barbara Heffernan

    Barbara Heffernan, LCSW, is a psychotherapist and a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor. She is the owner and founder of Mindful Psychotherapy, LLC, a private psychotherapy practice which helps people with anxiety, trauma and life transitions. She is an EMDR Approved Consultant, and provides supervision to other therapists learning EMDR.

    She has studied meditation in Buddhist, Hindu and Shamanic traditions, and she has practiced meditation for more than 25 years. She took her Buddhist refuge vows in 2011 and her Bodhisattva vows in 2015.

    Barbara began teaching mindfulness and meditation within clinical settings in 2001. She has led weekend workshops and continuing education workshops for other therapists on the topic of incorporating mindfulness in their therapy.

    Barbara began Awaken Joy, a new company which will be offering online courses and a YouTube channel to help people live more joyful lives, in order to help people lower the cost of therapy. These courses will be useful on a self-help basis, or as a complement to help therapy move along a little quicker. Barbara's YouTube Channel can be found under her full name.

    Barbara has a BA from Yale University, an MBA from Columbia University, and an MSW from Southern Connecticut State University.